Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

It comes as no surprise that auto insurance rates for teen drivers are much higher than the national average. After all, car insurance premiums are determined by the level of risk a driver brings to the table. As teenage drivers are nearly 600% more likely to be involved in a collision or accident than the average motorist, the cost of insurance for teenage drivers can be truly steep.

That said, we do not believe that parents or their teens should be overcharged for auto insurance. In fact, we created Insurance For Teenage Drivers to help parents and their teenagers save money on their car insurance, both through education and smart shopping. To further that end, we have partnered with a specific array of auto insurers who are especially receptive of teenage drivers. In fact, we allow you to compare policies and rates on insurance for teen drivers – online! To get started, just submit your zip code in the field above. Our system will instantly provide a list of insurers who have a favorable history of servicing teen drivers in your area. From there you can compare policies, premiums, and eligibility requirements – online!

Teenage Drivers Insurance: How To Save Money

There are a number of important strategies that can enable teen drivers to decrease their insurance rates:

  • Take a Drivers’ Ed Course: All of the auto insurers with whom we work provide a discount for teens who complete a basic drivers’ education course. Although these courses do cost money, they can earn you a discount of 10-20%. Plus, they are statistically proven to decrease both the number of traffic violations and accidents a driver faces: two important ways to minimize any motorist’s insurance rates.
  • Maintain a Strong GPA: Again, every one of the car insurers with whom we’ve partnered will provide a significant discount for students who maintain good grades. Typically, a 3.0 GPA is necessary to qualify for a discount of 10%. Parents may wish to consider rewarding their teens for getting good grades – not only is it good for their future, it’s good for the bank account.
  • Pick The Right Vehicle: The type of vehicle being insured has a tremendous effect on the rate of insurance you will be quoted. As a rule of thumb, teens should avoid sports cars absolutely, and two-door coupes of any kind are typically more costly to insure than sedans, pickup trucks, and sport-utility vehicles. A vehicle with a strong safety rating will not only protect its occupants, but lead to lower insurance premiums.