Teen Insurance Does Not Have To Destroy Your Budget

Two phrases that are sure to make a parent quake are teen and car insurance. In some instances adding a single teenager to your policy can quadruple your six month premium. Here are a few ways to minimize your costs.

Adding a driver will cost you more no matter their age, but a teen will cost the most. It has everything to do with their age, inexperience, and willingness to be careless. The only thing you can do is minimize that increase. The first and best way is to teach your child that driving safety did not end when the driving instructor left the vehicle. Teens have a great capacity for thinking that they indestructible. That makes them reckless at times. Reminding them to put on their seat belt before they leave and limiting the number of other teenagers allowed in the car with them are great ways to help your teen drive more safely. These tips will help your child avoid an accident or a moving violation. Your premium will fall as your child establishes a safe driving record that is free of blemishes like speeding tickets or seat belt violations.

Another way to lower costs on insurance for teenage drivers is through academic performance. Most insurance companies offer a discount if your child maintains a 3.0 or higher while in high school or college. The higher GPA demonstrates a higher average responsibility and is rewarded with a lower premium.

Teens and car insurance do not mix in an economic way. All that you can do is minimize your costs. That may need to start at an early age. All a parent has to keep in mind is that a responsible child is easier to insure.

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