Why May 20th Is The Deadliest Day For Teen Drivers

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has been studying the trends in teen driving deaths for the last five years. One disturbing facts has been recurring: May 20th is the deadliest day of the year for teen drivers. Twice as many teens die on this day as any other day of the year.

In a recent conversation with NPR radio personality Michelle Norris, Ann McCartt of the IIHS detailed the facts. Each year an average of 21 teens die on May 20th, double the number for any other day of the year. The IIHS believes that there are many factors in play, including graduation parties and the increased number of hours a teen drives during the warmer months of the year.

There is some good news in this mix, though. Teen driving deaths have dropped considerably over the last 10-15 years. Graduated licensing laws seem to be the main factor behind the lower numbers. These laws put more restriction on a driver under 18 and are in effect in most states. While these laws play a significant role, parents need to enforce additional guidelines. Reinforcing that cell phone usage is forbidden while driving is very important. The first step is for the parents to not use theirs while they are driving. After all, isn’t your child’s life more important than talking on your phone the instant it rings?

It’s good that rates don’t vary from month to month; otherwise, this would be a very expensive month when it comes to teenage driver insurance.

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