Should Big Brother Ban Drop-outs From Driving?

Driving privileges and high school diplomas are two different things right now, but there are lawmakers in a few states who think that they should have the right to dictate otherwise.

Lawmakers in Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, New York and Michigan, think that they have nothing better to do than thrust themselves further into the realm of parenthood, so they are considering laws that would ban high school dropouts from having a driver’s license. I mean, aren’t the prohibitive costs of insurance for teen drivers enough?  Let’s look at that bit of brilliance.

You have a kid who chooses to drop out. That kid is going to face quite a few barriers to getting a job, since most employers require a diploma or GED for consideration. Now, add to that an inability to drive to work. Sounds like a a recipe for welfare benefits.

Given the odds stacked against a drop out, it does not make sense that the government would want to place another obstacle in their path. Luckily, Big Brother has bottomless pockets and is able to support them with a monthly check and food stamps.    

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