Texting While Driving May Be On The Way Out

Texting while driving in dangerous. Anyone who has done it, knows that they can not give their full attention to the road and concentrate on their phone at the same time. Many states have moved to pass laws against it. Maine became the most recent state to pass such a law, becoming the 33rd to do so.

The law was signed by Governor Paul LePage on June 3 and will mostly likely go into effect in September. Under the new law, the minimum fine for drivers found guilty of texting while driving will be $100. Since texting while driving will now be considered a primary offense, police will be able to stop drivers solely for a texting violation.  If you have paying for your teen driver’s auto insurance, you may want to lay down the law as far as texting goes.  After all, the rates are high enough; getting a ticket can make them skyrocket!

Distracted driving is a danger to everyone on the road. With laws in place banning texting, it will become easier for accident victims to recover damages from distracted drivers. Perhaps the $100 fine will make a few people think twice.

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