Summer Dangerous Time For Teen Drivers

Everyone, except teens, knows that teen drivers are the least experienced and most apt to be in an accident. Take that basic issue and mix in vast amounts of time on a teen’s hands and you can have a recipe for danger.

Many aspects of driving can be a distraction for all age groups. Experienced adults still have the occasional fender-bender when changing radio stations or talking to some one in the backseat, but teens are much more likely to have a more severe accident due to those conditions. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers, with teens involved in three times as many fatal crashes as drivers of other ages, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). ”An average of 422 teens die in traffic crashes during each of the deadly summer months as compared to a monthly average of 363 teen deaths during the nonsummer months,” a AAA media release said. That means that more than 4,500 teens die each year, mostly from distracted driving.

What can be done? Parents can start by setting a good example: seat belt use, no cellphone use, no texting, etc. Do not let your teen drive if they are upset or tired. The number of teen accidents rises sharply when the sun sets. Limit night driving during the first year your teen has their license. Insurance for teenage drivers – make sure you have it.  A safe driver starts at home, do your part early and your teen will be a safer driver their entire life.

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