Adding A Teen Driver Can Increase Insurance Premiums By Over 200%

Do you think that having a teen driver is scary? Wait until your first insurance bill arrives. Have someone standing by to call 911 when you open your statement for the first time. In some areas adding insurance for a teen driver can increase your premiums by as much as 243%. These ten areas show the largest premium jumps when you add a teen driver.

  • Scottsdale, Arizona…243%
  • Culver City, California…232%
  • Alexandria, Virginia…212%
  • Hartford, Connecticut…200%
  • Black Forest, Colorado…199%
  • College Park, Maryland…187%
  • Aurora, Illinois…181%
  • Germantown, Tennessee…175%
  • Columbus, Ohio…173%
  • Midvale, Utah…167%

Even on the low end, the average premium still jumped by nearly 100% by adding one teen driver. Can you imagine the bill for triplets?

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