OnStar Turns Into Big Brother For Families

OnStar is taking a bit of an Orwellian turn by offering a new pilot program that allows a parent to check the exact location of an OnStar equipped vehicle.

The subscription based pilot program is called Mamma’s in the Back Seat. Not really. It’s called Family Link. The Family Link website will allow you to log in and see a map of the equipped vehicle’s exact location at any time. It also allows you to set text alerts to view the location of the vehicle on a pre-set basis.. The program may be expanded to include speed, boundaries for the car with accompanying alerts, and diaper wipes to clean up after your baby :)

Alright, admittedly this piece is a little skeptical of locator-based technology. Despite its nefarious origins, the technology will give a great deal of peace of mind to the parents of teen drivers and, grudgingly, congratulations to OnStar for offering it.  Certainly, it could lead to a reduction in teenage driver insurance rates, and who can fault that?

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