Are SUVs The Safest Vehicles For Teen Drivers?

Giving the keys to your teen for the first time is probably the scariest moment in most parent’s lives. Thoughts go racing through your mind, one of which is bound to be what kind of car is safest for a teen driver. There are many opinions, but here is a case for SUVs as the safest vehicles for inexperienced drivers.

In a recent study the Highway Loss Data Institute compared five years of insurance claims, evaluating the collision rates between adults drivers between 35 and 60 years old and teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19. Predictably, teen drivers were involved in auto accidents more often, but the researchers were surprised to see that the crash rate for teens in small cars was much higher than it was for those driving SUVs.

One reasons maybe that SUVs had standard electronic stability control from 2005 on, while it was not standard for cars until the 2012 model year. SUVs have also been shown to offer more protection in a crash, reducing the severity of injuries and lowering the risk of death. That makes a good argument for an SUV for your teen, even if auto insurance for teens driving SUV’s is slightly higher.

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