More Than One in Five Teens Not Getting Driver’s Ed

Nationwide, more than 20 per cent of teens get no driver’s education before receiving their driver’s education, according to a just-released report. In states that formal driver’s education is not required, the rate is even higher. No wonder insurance rates for teens are so high!

Despite making for a frightening headline, many transportation insiders warn that these figures may mean little. In fact, there are no reputable studies making a connection between driver’s education and lower accident rates. Speaking about this surprising lack of a causal effect between formal training and driving safety, Jean Shope, a professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, said, “This shouldn’t be used as an alarm bell. I don’t think from what’s written (in the study) that we can conclude that if someone didn’t take it, they’re a bad driver or they should’ve taken it. We just don’t know.”

The report found that not only did the states not requiring formal training have lower rates of driver’s education, so did certain groups of young including boys, blacks, Hispanics and lower-income teens.  

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